Cooper’s Express Expanding Its Online Footprint

On April 11, 2016 in Recent news

Cooper’s Express set to expand its online presence in 2016

Its new consumer-oriented website and store locator lead the way

Cooper's Express Store Locator

Cooper’s Express, one of the rapidly growing branded hot food programs of Pro Food Systems, recently launched its consumer-oriented website to provide the best possible online and mobile experience for their consumers ( Not only does the user-friendly website offer limited time offers and nutritional information, it also helps you locate the nearest Cooper’s Express location.

Since its acquisition in 2014 by Pro Food Systems, this business-within-a-business model based on a simple supply agreement has spread across the nation, making a store locator incredibly convenient for consumers. Along with being able to find the nearest convenience store or supermarket where a Cooper’s Express is located, the website also brings Cooper’s Express distinctly delightful Cajun coastal breading and the trademarked chicken skewer to the public’s attention.

The website highlights the brands efforts to reach more consumers where they are consistently interacting – the mobile realm. Now consumers can simply pick up their smartphone, find the current limited time offers, quickly grab any nutritional information they may be curious about, and find their nearest Cooper’s Express in a matter of minutes.

footer_chkn_original“Cooper’s Express was a major acquisition for us in 2014 and we have spent a lot of energy bringing it to the attention of retailers,” said Shawn Burcham, CEO of Pro Food Systems. “Now with we can reach the end consumer in an effort to increase same store sales and brand awareness. It’s all about being as hassle-free as possible for our great consumers.”

Along with a Cooper’s Express website and accompanying Facebook page ( ), Pro Food Systems has systematically improved its overall web presence through optimization and user friendly interfaces. The goal is to create efficient tools anyone can tap into to make informed food decisions. “By being mobile and highly available, we can give our consumers the best possible experience,” said Burcham. Visit them at

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