Serious about support

“Apply the highest standard of excellence and hard work in all that we do”
– guiding principles of Champs Chicken

At Champs Chicken, we understand launching and maintaining a profitable deli operation is no small task. Let us show you how it’s done!


Our business developers are there from the start to provide expertise and guidance:

  • Discuss concerns on existing hot food program
  • Learn what Champs Chicken can do for your location
  • See a cooking demonstration and taste products on-site
  • Review equipment needs to produce a consistent, quality product
  • Analyze competition, calculate ROI and strategize growth


The heart of any food service program is the employees; they are the face of the operation. With turnover and time limitations, training employees can often be a big challenge for managers. That’s why Champs Chicken offers one of the best training programs available. An experienced territory manager will assist with your store opening for nearly a week and work with employees on:

  • Understanding the menu and price offerings
  • Preparation and cooking procedures
  • Operating and maintaining all new equipment

All of which will guarantee consistency and quality service to your customers.


We understand that a successful deli operation is more than just a successful opening. It requires ongoing conversations, periodic trouble shooting, and immediate assistance. After your deli is established, you can count on your territory manager to:

  • Visit your location every 30-60 days
  • Answer your call and address any problems in a timely manner
  • Conduct new staff training and re-training sessions
  • Deliver customized marketing and promotional campaigns
  • Review menus and evaluate profit goals
  • Assist with equipment challenges and coordinate repair services

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